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Marble Surface


Moulding number system key:

1st #: Moulding width

2nd #: Poly or Wood, 1=wood 2=poly

3rd #: Color (01-14)

1=Black, 2=Brown, 3=White, 4=Gold, 5=Silver, 6=Pewter, 7=Mahogany, 8=Black/Brown, 9=Misc, 10=Black Gold, 11=Black Silver, 12=Gray 13=Brown Gold, 14=Brown Silver

4th #: Style (01-99)

*Call for current pricing*


Products and Materials We Offer

  • Moulding

  • Matting

  • Filets

  • Glass/Acrylic

  • Backing

  • Finishing options

  • Hanging/Mounting options

File size approx. 4MB

*We do our best to keep pricing up to date.  The zones may change at times. Please contact us for up to date pricing.

Polystryene Frames

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Wood Frames

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